Part II: Realization

Another long, eerie silence. Something that worries me a lot. But I’m so exhausted, I started to don’t care. I still don’t know if I can or will even survive. I am just waiting for this to end, I know it will, soon. I was starting to accept my situation when I heard something again. But unlike before, the sound was soothing, calming. It was so relaxing that my tensed body started to loosen up. I felt like floating from air, cradled by soft clouds providing a cozy and warm feeling. The sound gave me the strength to hang on, to keep on believing. As the sound continue to calm my agitation, I slowly regain the strength that I have exhausted for quite some time. I don’t know what it was nor where it came from but suprisingly, for the very first time, I feel SAFE.

Undoubtedly calming. I never heard such a very soothing sound. There are varying pitch, a peaceful tone arrange in a pattern that seem to be related to one another. I can still hear some garbled but it was soft and seem to follow a certain pattern also. I wonder who are making those sounds and why. “Does the sound mean something? Is it the answer to my frantic scream a while ago? How am I suppose to respond?” A lot of question still linger regarding the source and the purpose of that sound. Yet, I don’t feel scared and not even a hint of anxiety. I may not understand what it meant but the sound seem to keep me secure. Something that I long for quite some time now; to feel safe, secure and finally at PEACE.

Likha Niron © October 8, 2007
Repost and edited. Initially posted on my friendster blog last October 8, 2007 under "At the end of the Tunnel (Part 2)" title.   

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