Part I: Awakening

Dark, Wet and Eerie. In the midst of unknown, I tremble. I've been screaming for long hours hoping that someone will hear me, but my attempt was futile. I tried to move my limbs, struggling to get out in this mysterious encasement. Again, I failed. "Am I Dead? Am I buried alive?" The thought scares me. "Why me? Why now? How about my dreams, my ambition, my . . . " As tears start touching my cheeks, I suddenly realized that I can’t remember anything. My dreams, my ambition, my past… I can’t even remember how I got where I am now. No matter how hard I tried, I can’t. I just can’t. The last thing I remember was when I was screaming on the top of my lungs. And before that, NOTHING.

A Dream. This is just a dream. That explains everything. Does it? I’ve been in this place for long hours now. "Can I just be dreaming?" But I can feel that my naked body is dampen by an unknown liquid. "If I’m not dreaming, then what? Am I a guinea pig of a neurotic mad scientist? Have I been abducted?" Thoughts came running through my head. Endless possibilities of what might have happened. Raped, Kidnapped by alien, buried alive or a even victim of some sick practical joke. I can’t fathom what is happening nor why it should happen to me. "Have I done something wrong, something despicable to deserve what I’m experiencing now? What have I done . . . WHAT?!?"

My long silence was disturbed by the sudden movements around me. An invisible force making my surroundings to have a ripple-like movement. Something seems to be so familiar yet I can’t remember it. Suddenly, I heard something, like a murmur or a very garbled sound. I can’t understand what it was. That adds to my anxiety which makes me so agitated. With my remaining strength, I gave my strongest kick, hoping it will go away. But I was wrong. It seems that my action encourages more garbled sounds coming from different directions. My agitation turns into phobia, a fear of something I can’t even understand. And that makes it scarier, more traumatic. I was struggling, kicking in all direction, screaming and crying at the same time like there was no tomorrow. I’m already losing hope, FAST.

Likha Niron © October 8, 2007
Repost and edited. Initially posted on my friendster blog last October 8, 2007 under "At the end of the Tunnel (Part 1)" title.   

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