"On the first day, it was just a vast space of emptiness, Filled with air of hopelessness, aroma of frustration and the warm breeze of desperation..."

"I was awaken by a blinding light that cuts through the comforting darkness that envelopes me.On this second day it was apparent that the inevitable has come..."

"On the third day, I roam the luscious ground of what used to be a vast and barren land. Beyond horizon I can see the promise of tomorrow. And as I turn back from the darkness of yesterday, I noticed above the work of a painter, transforming the blank canvass to varying hue of indigo and blue..."

"On the fourth day, I can finally say, "Alas, I’m no longer alone!" In my short subsistence, I realized that being free-spirited doesn’t mean walking alone. I can be as independent as I want yet have someone beside me to anchor me to the very essence of my existence..."

"After five days of roaming, I noticed that creatures, great and small, can rest in each others’ warmth. They are all in different shapes and size yet are alike. For if you look beyond what you can see, you will notice that there’s a thin thread of light that connects all of us. For we are all like a fabric in different designs and colors, created from a single thread, woven with precision by our Weaver"

"Whenever there's a crossroad in our lives,we are given a chance to look back at the past and glimpse to the future.For whatever actions we've done before reflect what we can and will do in the future."

"And as I end another journey and before I start anew, I'm reminded by what the mathematical quadrant taught me. That all the negatives are at the leftside of the quadrant,because they were meant to be 'Left' behind. While all the positives are at the rightside,because it is only 'Right' to carry these things as we move forward."

Likha Niron © May 21 - 27, 2010

Initially posted on my Shout Out in Facebook profile from May 21 to May 27, 2010.   

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