I was alone,
disgusted in the world I live in.
But you came along,
showing me a new horizon, new hope.

I was in the Dark,
lost amidst the forest of anxiety and fear.
but you stayed with me,
guiding me to escape my dungeon where evil lurks.

I was in pain,
carrying the burden of doubts, jealousy and envy.
But you comforted me,
helping me revitalize my exhausted strength.

I was afraid,
hidding from reality, living in the world of fantasies and dreams.
But you helped me leave the oyster of imagination,
aiding me to realize my dream.

I was confuse,
lost, no Faith, fed-up by the fallacies of my belief.
But you were there,
leading me back to Him!

I was introvert,
hidding myself from the rest of the world.
But you persisted,
knowing the real me in spite of everything.

I was moody, ill-mannered,
abhors anything that came into my way.
But you insisted,
understanding me all throughout.

I changed!
I changed cause you gave me a different perspective of my life
Giving me confidence, strength and understanding,
that I can never find with someone else.

But still, you were there,
smiling at me, giving me a mystical stare.
Telling me with a humble look
that you did it because we're best friends
and will always be.

Likha Niron © July 9, 1997

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